Valley Pro Products is proud to introduce our Quickn'Clean disposable paint liners. These liners can literally save you $100's of dollars in wasted clean-up time.

Choose from five custom sizes:

  • Wooster® WIDE BOY™ BUCKET - 5 Pack
  • Wooster® 4-GALLON BUCKET - 5 Pack
  • Wooster® SPEED BUCKET™ - 5 Pack
  • Wooster® BIG BEN™ Tray - 5 Pack
  • Purdy® Dual Roll Off Bucket - 5 Pack

Save Time & Reduce Waste!

Simply pop our Quickn'Clean liner in and begin painting! Pull it out after the project is complete. Snip a corner of the liner and squeeze the leftover paint back into the original container.

Our Eco-Friendly Liners...

Cut clean-up time to just one minute without water! Keep paint laden water out of the drain! Save on costly solvent clean up! Limit water and ground pollution caused by traditional cleaning methods!

Now Available!
Quickn’Clean 30-pack. EZ Tear Perforated Roll
Fits Wooster® Wide Boy™ Paint Bucket and…

Vip Clip™ Roller Holder.
Keeps Paint and Roller Fresh Overnight…

All Products Are Made and Packaged In The USA.

Wooster Bucket

Purdy Bucket

VIP Clip