“Products Designed by Pros for Pros”

Our company has been painting and installing wallpaper in the Shenandoah Valley for over twenty-eight years. We enjoy networking with other contractors in the wallpapering and painting profession alike and understand the value of the “right tool for the right job.” Our mission is to provide “Products Designed by Pros for Pros”.

As professionals, some of the tools we use can be adjusted to perform better. The Wooster® roller buckets are excellent products. But we needed to find a way to cut down on our daily clean up time. To this end we’ve developed the Quickn’Clean liner system.

Our liners are designed to cling to the inside of the Wooster® roller buckets. When properly loaded, the liner forms a tight vacuum seal against the interior walls of the bucket.

After the project is finished simply remove the liner, snip a corner and squeeze the leftover paint back into the original container. We developed the liner system over ten years ago and have been using them daily with excellent results!