General Questions

  1. How does the liner system work?

    What makes the liner system work is the custom fit to the bucket. When the liner is properly loaded, a small vacuum occurs between the bucket surface and the liner. This vacuum causes the liner to cling to the interior of the bucket. If you pull up on the liner at the bottom of the bucket you will feel a small amount of resistance. Adding one gallon of paint in the bucket further adds to the clinging process.

  2. How do you keep paint from drying on the liner?

    The grid portion of the liner will stay wet as long as it is being refreshed with paint while rolling. When taking a break cover the bucket tightly with a piece of plastic or the custom fitted lid. This will keep the paint from drying out on the plastic.

  3. Can I leave the paint in the bucket over night?

    While we don’t recommend this, most latex paints will stay wet overnight on the liner.

  4. Won’t the roller just slide across the plastic and not load properly?

    We have been field testing the liners for over ten years. We have found that the rollers load quickly and evenly with the liner in place. Please view our product demo as it will show the roller loading process.

  5. Will the liner hold up to solvent based paints?

    At present we have tested the liners with oil based polyurethane, Sikafloor 340, H&C Concrete stain and Cabots solid O. V. T. stain. These products do not affect the integrity of the liner.

  6. What is your shipping policy?

    We will process our orders within 24 business hours. Shipping takes approximately 3-5 days once an order is processed. At this time we do not ship overseas.

  7. What is your return/refund policy?

    OUR GUARANTEE: If you are not completely satisfied with any of our Quickn’Clean liners or find them to be defective, just return them for a full refund or exchange. Unfortunately, return shipping costs are not refunded for non-defective items. If the return is passed 60 days from time of order we will issue you an exchange or credit towards another purchase.

  8. Your checkout uses PayPal, but I don’t/can’t use a PayPal account. Can I still buy something?

    Absolutely! During the checkout process, PayPal will ask you if you don’t have a PayPal account. They offer a way to pay without signing up for PayPal, all at NO COST to you! PayPal offers a secure and easy way for us to maintain our web store.

    For more information you can reach us through our Contact Form!

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